Mogens Jacobsen's, OECD Lab from 2011 currently installed and part of the Statistically Speaking exhibit at Black Box Gallery. Notice how the lamp is hanging. This is a way for the artist to say that statistics don't really illuminate our knowledge. Speaking of illumination, Black Box Gallery encourages art lovers of all ages to visit.
Peet Thomsen is just back from Berlin where is was at Transmediale 2012: in/compatable. Transmediale one of the major festivals for new media art. The photo is from a live stream of the hacker group Anonymous. On the left is the live stream on the right is live chat with members of Anonymous. Anonymous do what they do for "lulz". (Lulz is the distorted plural variant of the popular acronym "LOL".)   
Now Peet is busy preparing for the exhibition "Statistically Speaking" with Mogens Jacobsen.  Mogens Jacobsen’s work often raise questions about political issues with a humorous satirical approach. Does he do it for Lulz? Come to the opening of "Statistically Speaking" on Friday, February 10th to find out.
See you at Black Box Gallery.